November Book Releases

November is a big month for book releases, take a peek at November 3rd, it’s incredible! Your TBR pile’s will be even bigger come November! October 27th is also a HUGE day for book releases, check out my October List then head over to SciFi Guy’s List. Like always, if I am missing anything, let me know!

1-Nov-09 Child Of Darkness Jennifer Armintrout
1-Nov-09 Sins of the Flesh Caridad Pineiro
1-Nov-09 Tempest Rising Nicole Peeler
1-Nov-09 Hot Spell Michelle Rowen
1-Nov-09 Grave Secret Charlaine Harris
3-Nov-09 Born Of The Fire Sherrilyn Kenyon
3-Nov-09 Death Masks Jim Butcher
3-Nov-09 Me And My Shadow Katie Macalister
3-Nov-09 Nightlight: A Twilight Parody Harvard
3-Nov-09 Magic in Shadows Devon Monk
3-Nov-09 Wild Blue Under Judi Fennell
3-Nov-09 Heart Change Robin D. Owens
3-Nov-09 Apocalypse Happens Lori Handeland
3-Nov-09 Crimson Jordan Summers
3-Nov-09 Winter Kiss Deborah Cooke
3-Nov-09 Skin Game Ava Gray
3-Nov-09 Thief of Light Denise Rossetti
3-Nov-09 Shifting Plains Jean Johnson
3-Nov-09 Finding the Lost Shannon K. Butcher
3-Nov-09 Blaze of Memory Nalini Singh
3-Nov-09 Fade Out Rachel Cain
3-Nov-09 Real Vampires Get Lucky Gerry Bartlett
16-Nov-09 Circle of Death Keri Arthur
24-Nov-09 Take a Chance CE Murphy
24-Nov-09 First Lords Fury Jim Butcher
24-Nov-09 Veil of Shadows Jennifer Armintrout
24-Nov-09 Flesh Circus Lilith Saintcrow
24-Nov-09 Dark Side of Dawn Kathryn Smith
24-Nov-09 Torn Julie Kenner
  • Jac Star October 21, 2009 at 8:19 am

    i’m excited for Rachel Caine’s book. i think that’s about it. anything else i might buy would be a delayed purchase

    • Wicked Lil Pixie October 23, 2009 at 6:27 pm

      I have a list of about 6 from Oct 27 to Nov 3rd that are must buys, the rest are when I have money to play with.

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