WLP Reviews: Bad Luck Officer by Suzie Ivy

Against all odds, at age forty-five, Suzie Ivy graduated from the police academy. Now, her life as the first female officer in Small Town, Arizona begins. From pink handcuffs to a shotgun named The Rock (Rock Hudson), life in Small Town will never be the same. Bad Luck Officer takes you for a joy ride as Suzie works her first two “cop” years on the streets. Bulls, bad guys and humor will get her through the career of her dreams and prove, dreams really do come true.

This is the true-life adventure of a woman faced with a midlife crisis and empty nest syndrome. There are no tears in baseball but there are hidden tears in law enforcement when Suzie Ivy is on the case. Her expandable baton is bigger than your bat.

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Bad Luck Officer is the second in Suzie Ivy’s true life series about her first years working as the only female police officer in “Small Town”.  At age 45, Suzie’s midlife “crisis” led her to applying for the police force, when even her own son thought she was slightly crazy.

Against all Suzie related odds (ahem, read book 1) she kicked ass and is now a police officer in Small Town. This time around we witness the sad (a sadly unexpected death) and the hilarious (Suzie being chased down by a Beefalo) and the downright get your taser out please (her ass of a co-worker).

I really hate Suzie’s co-worker, you’ll know the one when you read the book and am pleased to say he’s been transferred to another town. That said, be on the look out, I’m sure this idiot will make the news one day. I totally fell in love with Suzie’s detective buddy. He is what all cops should be like, great attitude and a love for their job..hopefully he’s still not living at home though 😉

I absolutely adore Suzie, she is one of the most kick-ass lady cops out there, right down to her pink handcuffs. I love that she has taken the time to take us all on this journey, one very few of us will every experience.

I have grown to love Small Town and all it’s strange residents, right down to Chewie, the pitbull that got a little pissed off when it’s male owner tried to smack around it’s female owner….calling Mr. Bobbit. Even the racist, sexist, hates “fat” people eldery lady you end up falling in love with due to Suzie’s unique writing style. It’s more like she’s sitting down with you having a coffee talking about her day at work, it flows in the way friends talk.

There are a editing errors, but they don’t take away from the story. It is self published, so I had to make note of that for you all.

If you are looking for something a little different, please read Bad Luck Officer. Maybe the next time you see a female officer, you’ll think of Suzie, the Detective now.

*No we don’t normally review memoirs, but I did train to become a police officer so expect more police/corrections related memoirs in the coming months*

  • Linda Poitevin April 23, 2012 at 1:08 pm

    Just invested in an e-reader and this is my first download. I’m loving it, and wishing I had half of Suzie’s nerve! 🙂

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