WLP Interviews Klayton of Celldweller…Again….

Back by popular demand we have Klayton the man behind Celldweller.

Klayton Putting On A Show

Let’s start easy; what was the last book you read? (Since I know you didn’t take any of the suggestions left for you in the last interview we had AHEM.)

Ahem indeed. With all this technology at our fingertips, I refuse to actually ‘read’ anything. I should just read its self to me. So far, I’m not having a lot of luck, but I’m still holding out. Truthfully, the most recent book I’ve ‘cracked’ open has been on my iPad. I wanted to take a trip back to my childhood by re-reading C.S. Lewis’ Space Trilogy. I have an album i released in 1997 with song titles like “Perelandra” and “Thulcandra.” I’m kind of a nerd that way.

If you could write a book about your life, what would you title it?

“Me, Myself & Godzilla – A retrospective from Monster Island” or maybe just “Polishing a Turd” would be simpler?

What would “said” book focus on?

Well, I’d say the first one would be my parallels to Godzilla in my childhood – a misunderstood loner who had to deal with bullies… and homework. Well, i was getting my ass kicked too frequently to spend much time fighting off bullies OR doing homework. The second book would mostly be about polishing turds.

What book would make a good song?

As I mentioned earlier, I always thought CS Lewis’ space trilogy painted cool imagery, so I based some instrumental pieces around them. “Perelandra was a serene & beautiful piece while “Thulcandra” was evil, dark and ominous. Is it ironic that “Thulcandra” was the name given to Earth by alien life forms? That’s why we don’t get alien visitors – they already know we’ll try to capture and kill them first, ask questions later.

Music wise, what album made the biggest impact on you in 2011?

“Live Upon a Blackstar” by Celldweller. (I hear he’s a pretty popular dude with the childhood bullies, fyi.) I spend a good chunk of 2011 getting that live album & live dvd/bluray off my back and into your eyeballs. The biggest impact was made by finishing it. Phwew.

Name some musicians (alive or not so alive) that you would like to share a drink with?

As long as said drink is non-alcoholic, Martin Gore, Robert Smith, King David.

What was the best concert you’ve ever seen life?

Probably Skinny Puppy’s “Too Dark Park” tour. Big impact on me at that time in life.

Quick! Name two songs that are always on your MP3 Player

Unkle – Price You Pay

Sam Phillips – Private Storm

Klayton 2011

What is 2012 looking like for Celldweller?

2012 is The Year of the Blackstar, as far as I’m concerned. TODAY (last month now), I finished my new album “Wish Upon a Blackstar.” Six years in the making. Now it’s on to music videos, collaborations and lots of new music. I’ve carried this baby for 6 years, and now that it’s delivered it’s time to get knocked up again. I Can’t Wait!

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