Guest Blogger: Synde Tells Us Her Favourite Debut Novels

So many new books come out each year, but nothing gets me more excited than a debut novel by a new author. Humans, by nature, are hunters and collectors, but since I am not out there with a crossbow reenacting Synde’s version of the Hunger Games, finding authors I really love will have to do. Here are four of my all-time favorites.

Hounded by Kevin Hearne (Iron Druid Series)

Atticus O’Sullivan is a 2100 yr. old druid living in Tempe, Arizona masquerading as an esoteric bookstore owner. However is just where the fun begins! Troubles with the Old Gods, a fancy sword, an amorous Celtic Goddess and a talking wolfhound are only the tip of the iceberg. Hearne has got a real touch for action scenes and humor; peppering the book with sci fi and geek culture, he makes Hounded one hell of a fun read, in fact the whole series is a rip-roaring ride on the mythology highway.

Kindling the Moon by Jenn Bennett (Arcadia Bell series)

Arcadia Bell has a very deadly secret. Living in a small coastal community in California, “Cady” hides under the guise of a Tiki bar owner. Keeping her unruly magical powers under wraps proves to be relatively easy until earthbound demon, Lon Butler and his loveable son Jupe come into the picture. Then it’s all Hellfire and brimstone! This story is an occultist’s wet dream, well thought out and researched, it’s not to be missed.

Crooked Fang by Carrie Clevenger

Xan Marcelles is a bassist for the band Crooked Fang and an asshole. Hiding out in Pinecliffe, Colorado keeps Xan’s life peaceful. Did I forget to mention that he is also a vampire? Xan has an extraordinary skill for getting himself into the most difficult of situations, including face eating zombies, tavern fires and a real pain- in- the- ass girlfriend. These are only a few of the vampire’s problems; but his real charm lies in his relateabliltiy. Xan is the hot guy next door; you know the one you ogle as he walks by. Clevenger has a gift for the male voice, making Xan believable and loveable. Lots of fun music references are seeded throughout the story! Can’t wait to read more!

Unholy Ghosts by Stacia Kane

Chess Putnam is a church witch specializing in residential hauntings and banishing rituals. Her life is full of problems, two of which are named Terrible and Lex. Combine that with her drug woes and you have got the stuff great books are made of.  Kane’s world building skills are unparalled; she creates a world you can completely buy into, a world that is bleak and scary but not without hope. Kane opens a vein and bleeds on to the page, creating an emotional work of art. A dystopian ghost story of the best kind.

I hope that you check out one or all of these books.  I promise you won’t be disappointed. Till then I will once again pick up  my crossbow and be on my way.

  • rissatoo September 14, 2012 at 6:47 pm

    I agree with you completely regarding Hearne, Bennett, and Kane, Synde! Those are some of my favorite-ever debuts, too.
    And based on your recommendations, Crooked Fang is on the TBR… 🙂

  • Shannon Phillips October 2, 2012 at 7:30 am

    Hi! I thought you (and your readers) might be interested to know that my new urban fantasy novel, The Millennial Sword, will be free to download from Amazon between now and Friday, Oct. 5. I hope you’ll check it out–thanks very much!

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