Guest Blogger Limecello: Water Changes Everything

Hi friends! I’m so glad to be here with the re-launch, kick off, welcome back, what have you, of Wicked Lil Pixie’s blog. <3 [Glad to see you back and officially active in Romanceland again!] Nat is incredibly awesome, and she agreed to let me share about a little something I’m doing. On Make a Difference Day, I start a Social Media for Social Good Campaign. It’s my third straight year doing this, where I ask the romance community, their friends, family, and frankly anyone and everyone, to chip in. First, to donate to a charity. Next, to help raise awareness.

It’s a fundraiser, and also a comment drive. The comment drive is both to raise awareness, and to allow everyone to participate. Believe me, I know it’s tough out there for everyone, so those of you who can’t afford to give, simply leaving a comment leads to a donation, because we have people pledging donation amounts based on the number of comments we get. (Just some friendly competition with ourselves, you know?)

It started on October 27, and runs through November 27. I figure that gives everyone enough time to comment, spread the word, and budget to donate what they can.


This year I chose charity:water. I spent a lot of time finding and researching reputable, international charities. I love that 100% of our donations will go to actual water projects. There are few other charities that can promise that.

I’m issuing a challenge – if 50 bloggers donate, I’ll give an additional $25. I’m also pledging $300 if we reach 1,000 comments. Another challenge has been issued from Jax Cassidy – she said “if 50 of her friends donate,” she’ll double her donation!” for a total of $140! <3

So you know, even giving $1 for either challenge helps! I hope you’ll join me and comment here (it’s important you comment on that post in particular because it’s how and where we’re keeping track.)

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