WLP Reviews: Isn’t It Bromantic? by Lauren Baratz-Logsted

2940016112862_p0_v1_s260x420Having fallen in love in The Bro-Magnet, ultimate man’s man Johnny Smith and D.A. Helen Troy marry at the outset of ISN’T IT BROMANTIC? Never has a sports-loving couple been so well suited. Now everything should be wedded bliss, right? Not exactly. On a honeymoon cruise, both contract a virus but Helen recovers more quickly. Still confined to their stateroom, Johnny is fine with her going off on her own, until Helen has a little too much fun playing beach volleyball with an all-male group of German tourists. And things only grow worse as they return home to CT and try to set up life as a married couple. Can Johnny and Helen’s marriage be saved?

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Isn’t it Bromantic is the sequel to one of my favorite reads of 2012, The Bro-Magnet. Sadly, I wasn’t as happy with book two.

Isn’t it Bromantic starts out with Helen and Johnny’s wedding and follows them through their honeymoon and into their first few months of married life.

While I adored both characters in Bro-Magnet, I found I couldn’t stand either of them in the sequel. Johnny has always been an easy going guy, but he was way too easy going this time around. He pretty much lets Helen do what she will, without consulting him about any changes to their new housel

Meanwhile, Helen turns out to be a raging bitch and doesn’t seem to be fitting into married life at all. She makes a lot of decisions without asking Johnny and has some pretty questionable friends that either ignore Johnny or are complete assholes to him. In the end, we find out Helen’s motivation but it seems like a cop out to me. It’s unrealistic that Johnny doesn’t even freak out on her when she does explain. Can you tell that bothered me?

We do meet Willow, a child on the honeymoon cruise with Johnny and I fell in love with her character. She’s smart as a whip and still childlike. Also, Stavros has a big part in the later half of the book. Johnny’s barber has been ageing and with it has come memory loss.

An okay read, but I wanted more for the sequel to such a great book.


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