Sahara H. Reviews: The Curio Series by Cara McKenna


Curio, Craving, Confession, Reversal, Exposure, and Coercion make up the Curio series. The initial novella, Curio was standalone but due to its popularity McKenna followed up with the Curio Vignettes series. The basic plot is a not-so-typical boy meets girl story where Caroly, just a small town girl, living in a Parisian world (and working as an art curator) hires Didier, a French prostitute, to take her virginity. For those not familiar with McKenna’s work, she also writes as Meg Maguire offering up not so typical love stories in a more mainstream format as Maguire and quirky not-so-common erotica as McKenna.

For those offended by the world’s oldest profession, this series might not be for you. However, if you like steamy love scenes, some dirty bits and a wounded yet strong hero, this series is for you. Didier comes with his own fun red wagon of issues not least of which is his agoraphobia. One appointment with Caroly leads to subsequent appointments and soon the two develop a relationship with Caroly pushing Didier to explore the world outside and Didier pushing Caroly to new explorations in her sexuality. While most books would have me gushing about the hero, I’ve got to say that the real champ in this series is Caroly. She’s dating a good-looking, French prostitute and still maintains a semblance of a normal relationship while he continues to see clients. I enjoyed the fact that Didier did not immediately give up his profession upon meeting Caroly or need Caroly to save him from his life of debauchery. Caroly instead uses her time with Didier wisely to explore the pair’s relationship and take chances on her own sexploration.

Word to the wise, this series falls under the Exoticka category for Ellora’s Cave so the sex scenes are intense yet lovely, if you want a slower paced, monogamous relationship, but still have something with the flavor of Curio, I’d recommend McKenna’s other persona, Meg Maguire, The Reluctant Nude is a great place to start. However, if you’re looking for a great girl meets prostitute story with steamy sex, look no further than the novella and vignettes series.


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