Sahara Talks: Pay to Play: Prostitution in Erotic and Contemporary Romance


The world’s oldest profession and one of the most popular genres of literature, romance, can go hand in hand, especially when we are talking about romance of the erotic variety. One trope romance writers especially like to explore is the presence of the male prostitute, a not-so-common hero in common literature. Recently I reviewed Curio which featured Didier, an agoraphobic male prostitute whose love interest Caroly, saves him not from the profession, but from his fears of the everyday world. Other favorite reads that have included male prostitutes are Laura Leone’s Fallen from Grace which was just recommended here at Dear Author and the latest self-published read which is getting rave reviews is Escorted by Claire Kent, featuring the bald hero-escort, Anders, (think hot bald hero like Jason Statham).

Historical readers can also get their share of the male escort such in series such as The Lover and Gabriel’s Woman by Robin Schone. Another popular historical romance with prostitution themes (although it wasn’t my favorite) is Broken Wing by Judith James. All three novels deal with men and the angst as well as the drama of living a life that creates a damaged hero.

If we’re talking about prostitution, we cannot forget the ladies. Two recent, but very different novels, explore the life of the 21st century call girl. The first, is the beginning of a serial and is independently published, H.M. Ward’s The Arrangement that falls in the up and coming New Adult category. What I like about this was the heroine and her ability to deal with the circumstances surrounding her, she’s a young character that many 20-something might be able to relate to.  The second recommendation, I have is definitely more for fans of erotic romance, Eden Bradley’s A 21st Century Courtesan, the heroine enjoys sex and does not make apologies for her profession, instead we see what happens when the glitz and glamor of a certain lifestyle give way to ennui and a longing for something more.

Those are some of my favorites, do you have any recommendations where the hero or heroine is an escort, a call girl, or a woman/man of the night?

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