Sahara H Reviews: Close Liaisons and Close Obsession by Anna Zaires



So I picked up Close Liaisons as a Kindle Freebie. The plot is college-age girl meets member of a superpowerful alien race called the Krinar or K for short, that stepped in years ago to prevent humanity from wasting away the Earth to nothing. All Mia knows is that the mysterious K named Korum has seen her, spotted her, and wants her for sex if nothing else. Mia is not a too stupid to live heroine. She is not immediately in love with Korum which is something I loved about this series. Instead Mia is distrustful and suspicious of Korum’s motives. Sure he does the whole Pretty Woman thing with her in the sense that her life instantly becomes more enriched with the benefits of dating a super-powerful alien, but still she manages to listen to her gut which tells her not everything may be right in the relationship. I loved how book one, Close Liaisons showed the relationship between Korum and Mia was a fragile thing not an insta-love connection although they do have some really hot sex. The series also deals with how scary dating an ultra-powerful being can be, something not a lot of paranormal/sci-fi romances delve into

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Book 2, Close Obsession, follows the aftermath of a huge series of spoilers that I won’t delve into and how this plays out into Korum and Mia’s relationship. The key word here though is trust. Can Mia trust a lover who seems to good to be true? Can Korum see Mia as more than a pleasant diversion or is she just a mere plaything as a weak human? Without giving away too much of the story, I can say Anna Zaires answers these questions and more leaving the reader to wonder if he or she would really want to date someone more powerful than themselves?

4.5 Stars

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