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10 Simple & Cheap Home Decor Hacks - Wicked Lil Pixie

10 Simple & Cheap Home Decor Hacks

Isn’t it tempting to want to redo every room in our home the moment the next trend comes out? What you thought was once going to be your forever decor, suddenly turns into a seasonal one that you are ready to update the first chance you get.

If you are anything like me, my love of all things decorating and design changes quite frequently. Pinterest can be your best, or worst, friend when it comes to simple and cheap home decor ideas. It’s possible to narrow it down to your top 50 ideas that you love….but then what?

How do you take ideas that you love for your home and make them manageable, affordable and unique to you and your style? It can be done, I assure you! If you are wanting to give your home decor a face-lift without breaking the bank, here are some simple and cheap home decor hacks to give a try!

10 Simple & Cheap Home Decor Ideas


10 Simple & Cheap Home Decor Hacks


Upcycle items from your travels!

Round up fun things that you may have acquired on a family vacation or trip, and see how you can incorporate it into your home. A fun map of Disney? Put a funky frame on it and add it for a twist of fun in your kid’s room! Have fun with this. Have you collected seashells from different beaches throughout your years? Use them to make a cool outline of an older mirror to bring it back to life. Being unique is part of the appeal!

Lumiere Sunny Ocean Breeze Botanical Potpourri Seashell Wreath


Show off your family.

Create a fun photo wall that highlights everything that you love about your family. The more photos, the better. There doesn’t have to be any type of format or pattern to it, just get those photos up there. Include your family in on the fun as well! Have each person grab a favorite photo to add to the collage and keep it going by adding new favorites whenever you find ’em.

These decals pictured above make the photos really a feature.


Frame your kiddo’s art.

If you have children, you probably have dozens and dozens of one-of-a-kind artwork. Instead of sticking it in storage to just sit there, display it! Frame it, hang it from a string, anything! Not only will it create a feeling of fun, your child will be proud of themselves as well.


Hit the clearance aisle.

Sometimes, we don’t have a vision of what we want, but we just know that we want a change. If you have no direction or vision of how you want to change your decor, hit the clearance aisle at your favorite store or search “clearance decor” on Amazon and see if anything inspires you. You may find that one item sitting on the shelf that really speaks to you. Bonus? You got it on clearance!

Here’s the rug I found above by searching clearance decor on Amazon.


Make items last longer!

Does your child have a favorite shirt to wear over and over, but it’s starting to come apart at the seams? Find a way to incorporate that shirt into a cool decor item for their room. If possible, make a pillow covering out of it. Not only will it change the overall look of the room, it brings new life to an item that was nearing its end!

Buy cushion inners for your crafty endeavours here!


Add a pop of color.

Nothing screams home decor change like a fresh coat of paint. If you’re on a budget, think of ways to best utilize the space you have to save money when painting. There may not be a need to paint the entire room in one color. Why not look at creating an accent wall? Or giving those old wooden objects in your home a face-lift? Have fun with the color choice on this one and create an awesome focal point.


Quote it up.

Who doesn’t like a good quote? They can be motivating, inspirational or downright fun. If you find a quote you like, frame it and hang it up! It’s a super simple, cheap piece of inspirational artwork immediately.

These affordable poster frames from Amazon are ideal for quotes.


Give your cabinets a quick face-lift.

Don’t care for your cabinets but can’t afford to redo them completely? Just give ’em a quick face-lift and get some new knobs to put on them. It instantly transforms the look!

Click here to buy the set of 25 Gray & White hand painted ceramic knobs pictured above.


Wallpaper can be your new best friend.

Long gone are the days that wallpaper is viewed as a pain. Nowadays, wallpaper can really add a fun and unique element. Have a dresser that needs a funky touch? Try finding a fun wallpaper print and just papering the middle drawer of the dresser. What about using a fun design to line the drawers or cabinets? Have fun, there are a ton of designs out there.


Update your lighting fixtures.

Eyes automatically travel to light and often in rooms, light fixtures are noticed first. Instead of replacing the entire light fixture, just find a way to update it. Find more modern glass coverings, or paint the center a funky color. Updating is way cheaper than replacing!

Click here to buy the fixture pictured above.


There are so many fun and unique ways to update and decorate your home on a budget! Make a list of what you want to update, and then have fun thinking of affordable ways to make it happen. Set a limit of what you are wanting to spend, and channel your inner creative genius to help out in staying within that limit. Have fun and include the family as you go!


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10 Simple & Cheap Home Decor Hacks

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