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10 Things That Can Impact Your Menstrual Health

10 Things That Can Impact Your Menstrual Health

There might be nothing more frustrating or nerve-wracking than your period showing up earlier than it is supposed to or worse, later than it should. They say that generally women are on a 28-day cycle but this isn’t really accurate for most women so it’s hard to ever know for sure when your period is going to come. There are unfortunately tons of factors that could be affecting your cycle.

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Things That Can Impact Your Menstrual Health

10 Things That Can Impact Your Menstrual Health


Intense Exercise

People who do wild things such as run marathons often lose their periods. Low body fat with tons of exercise puts stress on your body and this stress tells your brain to stop producing reproductive hormones. This is nothing to be worried about if you’re only a bit off schedule but if you lose your period for any longer than three months then it’s time to see your doctor.


Being Overweight

Having too many fat cells means elevated levels of estrogen, which stops your ovaries from releasing an egg. When this happens, you’re likely to experience much heavier periods.


Being Underweight

On the opposite end of the scale, if you are underweight your body is not going to produce enough estrogen therefore you are likely not to have your period because there isn’t enough estrogen to build your uterine lining. If you’re still in a healthy weight range and have just recently been hitting the gym hard, your body will eventually adjust.


Prescription Drugs

Things like thyroid medication can always influence your period. Your body can confuse all the different hormones in your body and start attacking the wrong ones.


Working with Pesticides

Pesticides mimic hormones therefore they end up blocking the ones that your body is creating. Studies have shown that women who work on farms have longer cycles and miss their periods much more often that those who do not.


Feeling Stressed Out

This one actually comes back to evolution. In general, high stress times are not ideal for bringing a baby into the world. Your body knows this and therefore stops doing what it needs to do to become pregnant.


Contraceptive Pill

These are full of hormones, which for many women help to regulate their periods. However, in the beginning these hormones can make things a little whacky so give yourself a few months to adjust to it.


Your Age

Most women expect that their periods will become less frequent as they approach the age of menopause but this isn’t always the case. Sometimes you might get periods more frequently and unfortunately just need to ride it out.

Not Enough Sleep

Not getting enough sleep or sleeping at odd hours means throwing your body clock off which affects ovulation and menstruation.


Changing Time Zones

Melatonin is produced by your brain to signal when it’s time to go to bed. When you travel, as your body adjusts to a new time zone it will suppress that hormone temporarily which is likely to throw off your cycle.

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