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10 Ways to Save Five Minutes Throughout Your Day

10 Ways to Save Five Minutes Throughout Your Day

If you feel like me, you just never feel like there enough hours in the day to get everything done. Between working, household chores and taking care of my family, I am seriously lacking in time (and energy) most days. Feeling rushed and time poor can have knock on effects on my mood and stress level. There’s not enough time to do the things you have to do let alone the things you want to do. So… what’s a busy woman to do!?

Here’s the way I try and approach it. Saving myself five minutes at several points throughout your day is going to add up. Five minutes here and there might not seem like a lot of time but if you can do six things daily that save you around five minutes you’ve just bought yourself an extra 30 minutes of “me time” each day. That’s time you can put towards relaxation, meditation, exercise or any other form of self care.


10 Ways You Can Save Five Minutes Throughout Your Day


10 Ways You Can Save Five Minutes Throughout Your Day


Spray vodka on your clothes. Spray your clothes with vodka and simply hang them back up instead of washing them. You’re allowed to wear clothes more than once you know. Your clothes will last longer if you wash them less too.

Create a capsule wardrobe full of easy outfits. I hate standing in my wardrobe and deciding what to wear. Every woman (and man) knows what a great deal of time this can take up especially if you’re just not “feeling” your clothes or if you’re struggling to make an outfit work. Last year, I switched to the capsule wardrobe concept – having a smaller number of clothes that all co-ordinate together, fit correctly and work with my lifestyle. It does take a bit of effort to pare back your wardrobe and create your capsule but once you have it on lock you’ll be getting ready in a flash each morning. Added bonus: way less time wasted shopping for clothes!

Take your clothes off in the laundry. This might seem weird if you’re not comfortable walking around in the buff but hear me out. Emptying out an overflowing laundry hamper in your bathroom or bedroom is a big job. It takes effort it drag a full basket of clothes downstairs and into your laundry room. So, I’ve started taking off my clothes from the day before I go upstairs to shower at night. Stuff goes straight into the washing machine. I don’t need to think about going up to grab the hamper when I want to do laundry or remind myself to grab the hamper next time I’m headed downstairs. Cutting out one step saves me time and mental energy.

Quit folding your underwear. No one is looking in your underwear drawer to see if you’ve folded it so just chuck it in the drawer instead of fluffing around for five minutes or more trying to fold those “impossible to fold neatly” delicates.

Put a limit on your Facebook time using a browser extension. Facebook and other social media sites can turn into a black hole for time and productivity. You sit down to check your notifications and, whoosh, you’re down a newsfeed rabbit hole not appearing until 45 minutes later. You can easily use a browser extensions like Stay Focused to limit your daily time on any specific website. Once you exceed your limit you won’t be able to look at it for the rest of the day. 

Watch YouTube videos or listen to podcasts on double speed. Whether I’m listening to a podcast or watching a YouTube video for motivation, learning or entertainment, I play everything on 1.5x or 2x speed.

“Yada yada” through the “fluff” on TV shows. I don’t know about you but my favorite way to wind down is with HGTV shows… but boy do they pad out there programs with a lot of fluff. I don’t need a 15 second recap after every spot where an ad break should be nor do I need to watch a 2 minute recap on what happened in the last episode of a show I’m already binge watching. My memory is better than that… thank you very much. So when I’m watching stuff on my laptop I just “yada yada” through the fluff using my forward arrow key. Works the same on YouTube videos too. I swear sometimes I can watch a 40 minute episode of Property Brothers in 20 minutes! #somuchfluff

Keep your hair brush/water bottle/sunscreen in the car. Whatever you end up racing around searching for frantically before you bust out the door each morning. Just keep an extra version in your car or your purse or backpack. Wherever it’s convenient to grab when you’re in a rush.

Buy several USB chargers and keep them around your house. You can even go as far as to label them as kitchen, bedroom, car so you know to keep them in their right location.

Stop using glasses for drinks at home. Just drink out of a water bottle when you’re at home instead of getting a clean glass from the cupboard every time you want a drink. Not only will this save you time on loading/unloading the top rack of the dishwasher but it will also help you monitor your water intake more effectively.


These are all small little parts of my day that I’ve realised actually suck up a decent chunk of my time. Some of them even create stress (rushing in the morning looking for a hairbrush!) or a sense of dread (doing laundry!) so removing them from my day not only saves me time but make me happier.


These tasks might be somewhat specific to my day and not totally relevant to yours so…. why not think about the spots in your day where you feel time is being wasted and actively try to gain a few of those minutes back each day?

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