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3 Simple Things Every Woman Should Do to Stay Safe Online - Wicked Lil Pixie

3 Simple Things Every Woman Should Do to Stay Safe Online

Anyone using the internet needs to vigilant for computer viruses, the risk of identity theft, and creeps looking to harm or take advantage of you. One of the keys to avoiding all that and to stay safe online is to do a better job of guarding against these kinds of threats compared to the average internet user. The bad guys tend to focus their efforts on going after the easy, low-hanging fruit. So as long as you’re not one of those, your odds of running into trouble will plummet. Here are some easy things you can start doing today to stay safe:


3 Simple Things Every Woman Should Do to Stay Safe Online



  1. Use a password manager


We all know we’re not supposed to use the same password for more than one website. And we’re told not to use easy-to-guess passwords like “123456” or the name of the city you live in. But the trouble is that once you have more than a handful of accounts (easy to accomplish when you consider social media, your email accounts, and online banking/credit card portals), your list of passwords grows too large to remember if you’re using truly strong ones. And the problem only gets worse when you consider the fact that you should be changing your passwords every few months, in case your log-in information is compromised during a data breach.


The easiest solution is to use a password manager such as Dashlane. It’ll make it possible to use strong, hard-to-hack passwords that look like this, “!5vH4uH}u{7[u:6i”, and to change them regularly, for every single website you use.


  1. Use an anti-virus program on your computer


Computers have been under attack for years from viruses and malware. You can defend yourself from such threats by running a reliable anti-virus program that can continually monitor your hard drive for suspicious files and activity, scan downloads before you open them, and clean any viruses/malware found on your system. Norton and Avast are two products you should consider — they have good reputations and have been in business long enough to know what they’re doing.


  1. Don’t share the wrong kind of information on social media


Don’t share information in public posts that could be used by identity thieves to get into your credit card, bank, and investment accounts.


Think about all those viral posts on Facebook that go around from friend-to-friend asking everyone to share something along the lines of, “15 Things You Didn’t Know About Me…copy and paste with your own answers”. Don’t let your guard down and accidentally share information you’ve used as answers to security questions for online accounts.


For example, if a random hacker tries to log into your credit card account, because they’re not using your usual computer, it will often trigger a security question that must be answered correctly in order to gain access. If they’re asked something like, “what was the name of your first-grade teacher”, the last thing you want is for said hacker to google your name combined with “first grade teacher”, and find a public social media post where you shared that info.


Another piece of information that can be helpful to identity thieves is your birthdate — so don’t make that information public knowledge either.


Taking the right measures to protect yourself online is a must-do for every woman.


Keeping computer viruses, identity thieves, and other creeps at bay doesn’t have to be difficult. Pay attention to internet safety tips, and take advantage of tools like a password manager and anti-virus program to do much of the heavy lifting for you. When using social media, take the time to think through possible ways information you share could be misused, then make a judgment call as to whether or not the risk is within your comfort zone. If you do these three things alone, you’ll be far better protected than the average person, with very little time or effort required.


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3 Simple Things Every Woman Should Do to Stay Safe Online

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