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5 Therapeutic Hobbies to Take Up in 2018 - Wicked Lil Pixie

5 Therapeutic Hobbies to Take Up in 2018

As the years go by, I fully believe that stress levels escalate as pressures from the work environment tends to reach new heights as well, we often come home with an overactive mind and find it hard to unwind and relax, before repeating the whole process again the next day. With 2018 just around the corner there are many hobbies you can learn to help improve your mood and feel a little more relaxed and calmer during your new year. It is not only important to choose a hobby that gives you a sense of enjoyment, but we highly encourage you to choose one that has therapeutic benefits as well.  


Here are 5 of our favorite therapeutic hobbies:



Let’s start off with talking about sewing and how it can help you relax. Not only is sewing an extremely useful hobby but it can help calm you as well. When you do repetitive activities it helps to relieve anxiety. When you need to focus and concentrate on something it forces you to shut off your brain and focus on the task at hand. It can also build confidence when you see your completed work.  We love working with our embroidery machine, the colors and the intricate designs of the embroidery work all helps to create an uplifting effect in moods.



Another hobby that can have therapeutic properties is Scrapbooking. Over the past decade or so, scrapbooking has become a favorite pastime for many and with great reasons. There is something blissful in setting aside your troubles for the day and getting lost in pictures and memories. It can also help give closure to a difficult situation depending on your scrapbook topic. Taking time to scrapbook will make you reflect on emotions and feelings you may have forgotten. When you go back to look at the scrapbook years later it can remind you of events and memories you may have forgotten. This can give you an opportunity to be thankful for memories. Even the process of creating your own custom die cuts with a die cutting machine is beneficial as it stimulates the brain and allows you to be creative.


Therapeutic Hobbies


Painting can also be very therapeutic. When you take the time out to paint a picture you can use it to express your emotions. When you can find a creative outlet to express your emotions it can help you release the stresses they may cause. Painting is an individual activity that can take you out of your element and into a world that you create yourself. When you let your mind get creative it allows you to isolate reality which can lower your stress levels and ease you into a calmer frame of mind.



Another great hobby is baking. Baking involves exact measurements and following recipes and gives your brain something to focus on and therefore helps you switch off from other issues. Another reason baking makes you feel good is the outcome. You end up with a delicious product and a sense of achievement that you can enjoy yourself or share with others. You get the satisfaction of seeing the joy on the faces of whoever gets to indulge in your delicious creation. Sometimes, we may have difficulty expressing our love in words but sharing a delicious treat can help us bridge that gap.

If you’re looking for an easy, vegan recipe to bake, check out my raspberry & chocolate brownies!



Last but not least is gardening. Gardening has been a favorite pastime for generations and for good reasons. Gardening allows you to slow down and reconnect with nature. When you take time to enjoy being outside and let your senses take over it can be a great stress reliever. Enjoy the sounds of the birds, the smell of the grass, the feel of the dirt, the sight of the beautiful scenery and let your senses take you away. Just being outside in the sun can bring up your serotonin levels and help your mood. It also gives you something to look forward to waiting for your plants to grow. If you are interested, Psychology Today shares 10 reasons why gardening is good for your health.


In conclusion, there are a lot of hobbies that can help reduce the stress in your everyday life. It is just taking the time to find what is best for you.


About the Author: Sam is obsessed with scrapbooking and vinyl cutting. She has built a career on her passion of crafting and on a typical day you will find her lost in papers, embellishments, die cuts and vinyl designs.  She loves the therapeutic benefit she gains from getting lost with her stickers, papers and embellishments.  It really is a bit addictive!  Read more about Sam’s site; The Best Vinyl Cutters, where she shares her craft knowledge.


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