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6 Tricks You Need to Know to Travel Smarter in 2018

6 Tricks You Need to Know to Travel Smarter in 2018

Knowing how to travel smart can very easily transform your trip from good to great. We all know the stress that comes with planning and executing a vacation. But, there is a way to eliminate a lot of this stress.

Once you’ve nailed these six tricks to help you travel smarter, you’ll notice your traveling becomes notably smoother. Without being bogged down by logistics and details, you are free to think about more important things. Like, where you’re going to get your next beer.


6 Tricks You Need to Know to Travel Smarter in 2018


  1. Rack Up Points Using Credit Card Bonuses

Credit cards that offer you air miles when you spend are every traveler’s dream. You were going to spend that money anyway, but now you get a little something extra in return. There are dozens of different cards that offer great air mile bonuses. This website provides a breakdown of the crème de la crème of these cards so take a look and start racking up those points.


  1. Stay in Homestays and Guesthouses

Not only are these accommodation options usually cheaper than hotels, but they also offer a more authentic experience. Would you really rather be in some soulless resort when you could be staying with a Mexican mama who makes you mouth-watering quesadillas every night? Of course not.

Airbnb is a good place to look for these types of lodgings. If Airbnb doesn’t prove fruitful then check out one of the prominent Airbnb alternatives such as VRBO or Flipkey.


  1. Read Traveler Reviews

We live in an age where everything is documented and this is a true blessing for a traveler. Unsure about a certain tour or hotel? Google it and you are guaranteed to find a plethora of reviews. If there’s anything wrong with this tour or hotel, you will very quickly find out. People who have bad experiences are very vocal. On the flip side, people are happy to sing the praises of a company that treats them well.


  1. Ask a Blogger

Once again, the digital era is our friend. Pretty much every major city or resort town on earth will have a resident blogger or two. These individuals know the area like the back of their hand and are always more than happy to bestow their wisdom upon travelers. Do some research and send some emails – their recommendations might be the best thing you do all vacation.


  1. Learn to Love Public Transport

It is really easy to take taxis everywhere. But, if you don’t venture on to public transport at any point during your trip, you will be missing out on an amazing experience. Public transport gives you a real insight into how the locals live. It’s one way to feel less like a tourist. On top of that, you will save a lot of money.


  1. Cut the Middleman Out of Your Booking

Most fare compare websites will charge you a commission. Whether it’s Expedia, Kayak or Skyscanner, they will take a little piece of the action. But, that doesn’t mean these websites aren’t useful. Use them to find what you’re looking for and then book your flight directly with the airline.

This way, you will save yourself some dollar and avoid the headache of dealing with the notoriously irksome customer service teams at these booking sites.


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6 Tricks You Need to Know to Travel Smarter in 2018

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