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6 Tricks To Decorating a Rental Home

6 Tricks To Decorating a Rental Home

Decorating a rental home can present a challenge. You want to make your space feel like your own, but you don’t want to lose out on your deposit when it’s time to go. To complicate things, your landlord may have imposed some restrictions around painting and putting holes into walls that may be tough to work around. The next time you’re struggling to find ways to make your rental house feel a little like home, consider these suggestions:


6 Tricks for Decorating a Rental Home


6 Tricks To Decorating a Rental Home


Cushions and bedding are an easy place to start

This is at the top of the list because so many people neglect to actually invest any effort into their space when they know it’s temporary. Even if you’re only renting for a few months, you and your family will feel much better in a home that feels like your own. You don’t always have to unpack everything, but a few simple additions can go a long way. Investing in some soft furnishings like cushions and throws for your living areas and new bedding for your bedroom is an easy way to start.

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Go green by adding potted plants

Adding a few plants to your rental home can be an easy way to make it feel a little more inviting. Depending on the size of your space, you can choose a cute succulent for the kitchen counter or something larger to make a statement in the living room. Including some plants in your home decor will not only brighten your space, bringing a little nature inside can really help us relax.Hanging plants from the ceiling or in decorative pots can help add life and personality any space.

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Swap out hardware

Rental homes are often fitted with generic drawer pulls, knobs, and handles. Replace these with something more interesting and you’ll immediately make your home more interesting. Head to your local hardware store and see what options they carry, or explore your options online on Amazon. Wherever you find your hardware, exchanging it is an easy way to make a big impact. Unscrew the old stuff and store it somewhere safe so you can replace it when your time in your rental home is up.

Check out these Grey & White Hand Painted Ceramic Cabinet Knobs by Zoya’s.


Add rugs to floors

Tile floors can be easy to clean but they often feel cold and uninviting. If your rental is filled with floors that aren’t family-friendly, add a few rugs to soften the vibe. You shouldn’t rush into things – make sure you measure your space and determine what size rug will suit it best. Consider area rugs for large rooms, runners for hallways, and smaller mats for bathrooms, kitchens, and other high-traffic areas.

A grey patterned rug like this is a great investment and easy way to define and add personality to any space.


Hang your own curtains

Like rugs, this is another easy way to make a big impact. You can choose curtains with an interesting pattern to add an interesting pop of excitement to your home, or opt for something neutral that you know will suit your next space, too.

Make sure to use a measuring tape and see that the curtains you select are the right length and height for your windows. You don’t want curtains that stop too short of the windowsill or, alternately, droop down to the floor.

If you’re in a home with standard window sizes it’s easy and cheap to buy curtains like these online.


Watch the walls

You shouldn’t hesitate to display your favorite paintings and family portraits in your rental home, but you should be mindful about how many holes you put into the walls. Your landlord won’t be too happy if you’ve peppered the walls with pinholes, and filling them all in at the end of your lease can be a headache. Try using 3M command strips or similar solutions that don’t actually puncture walls. Instead of hanging the full family gallery wall in the hallway, you might want to assemble it on a bookshelf instead.

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