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7 Tiny Steps To Start Living A More Minimalist Life - Wicked Lil Pixie

7 Tiny Steps To Start Living A More Minimalist Life

Living a more minimalist lifestyle can sound enticing, but when it comes time to commit and take the plunge, it can get a little scary. A lifestyle change is a pretty big deal, after all. If you’re looking to test the waters of minimalist living, here are a few ways to dip your toes in the water and give it a try. These small steps can help you start to live a more minimalist life today:


Living a More Minimalist Life


7 Tiny Steps To Start Living A More Minimalist Life


1 – Get rid of three things.

It’s easy to get possessive over the things you own, and getting rid of them can be hard. Start small. Take a look around your house and try to find three things you wouldn’t mind getting rid of. Are you hoarding books or clothes you know you’ll never touch again? Is there expired food in your fridge? If you’re discarding something that can be donated, you should always try to pass it along to someone in need, but don’t hesitate to throw it away if it no longer holds value.


2 – Explore the sharing economy.

Before you make a purchase, consider how much use you’ll actually get out of whatever you’re about to buy. If it doesn’t make sense to invest, see if there’s a way you can borrow or rent what you need. Connect with local neighbors on websites like Nextdoor or Facebook. Check in with the nearby library or makerspace – some lend out everything from telescopes to specialty tools.


3 – Find ways to recycle.

Save your grocery bags and use them to carry your lunch to work, line the trash bins in your restrooms, or pick up dog poo. If you purchase deli meat in plastic containers, give them a quick wash before using them to store snacks for the week ahead. Think creatively, and you might be surprised to see how many opportunities to recycle you can find.


4 – Consider your purchases.

Don’t go crazy and over-analyze everything, but you should be careful about how you spend your money – especially when it comes to larger purchases. Before you buy something big, ask yourself whether or not you really need it. If the answer is yes, do a little research before you swipe your debit card. Make sure the products you purchase align with your personal values and are of high quality so you aren’t constantly replacing the things you own.


5 – Be grateful for something.

Instead of focusing on the things you don’t have, be grateful for the things already present in your life. It’s much easier to live with less when you’re thankful for the things you own. You’ll appreciate them for their real value and will be less tempted to splurge on stuff you really don’t need.


6 – Talk about it.

One of the simplest ways you can start to embrace minimalism in your daily life is to discuss it a little more often. Find a friend who supports your journey to streamline your life and turn to them when you need a boost of encouragement. If you’d rather not discuss this with your current circle of friends, it could be the perfect opportunity to seek out a group online or within the community to join.


7 – Opt for simple snacks.

To live more simply, opt for fresh and healthy choices when it comes time to eat. Many of the snacks you’ll find on supermarket shelves are packed with sugars, preservatives, and other less-than-ideal additions. Stick to all-natural snacks like fresh fruit, raw vegetables, or simple and straightforward treats like popcorn or a square of dark chocolate.

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