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How To Cut Time Spent Doing Household Chores In Half - Wicked Lil Pixie

How To Cut Time Spent Doing Household Chores In Half

If you’re a working parent then you are probably familiar with the struggle of getting everything done. At times it can seem like there is a never ending list of things to be done – cooking, cleaning, shopping, laundry – and not to mention our kids needs.

It wasn’t too long ago that my husband and I were overwhelmed by it all. One night, after both arriving home late with hungry kids and an angry babysitter, we knew we needed some strategies. This is when I stumbled upon an article which described how another Mum saved time using the best slow cooker so that by the time she arrived how, a hot nutritious meal was waiting for her family.

This inspired us to come up with our own time saving methods, and thankfully we did. We’ve been able to cut the time we spend doing our domestic duties in half (literally)! Here’s how we’ve managed to do it.

How To Cut Time Spent Doing Household Chores In Half


Invest in appliances that make cooking a breeze

If you want to save time, a great place to start is with cooking. Cooking can easily take up a huge chunk of your time, but by using appliances like a slow cooker or crock pot, you can easily throw a few ingredients in the pot before work, set and forget. You’ll come home to a piping hot meal.

We recommend slow cookers with a function that means food stays warm after cooking. This way food will always be ready to eat.

Another great way to save time cooking is with a air fryer. These are similar to convection ovens but smaller and faster, producing crispy, healthier food in less time.


Use the right vacuum cleaner for your home

So much time can be wasted simply by using the wrong vacuum cleaner for your floors. For example, if you use a vacuum cleaner designed for low pile carpet on high pile carpet, you’re unlikely to get great results. This can mean going back over the same space again and again and thus wasting time.

If you have animals, you’ll also need to invest in a vacuum cleaner capable of tackling animal hair. If you’re stuck finding the best vacuum cleaner, you can read vacuum cleaner reviews at Simpler and Smarter.


Put the washing machine on a quicker cycle

How often do clothes need a thorough clean? Not as often as you may think. A quick wash, say under 30 minutes, can just as good a job as a longer cycle. And it usually does this in a significantly less amount time.

The key to cleaning clothes quicker is to use a good quality washing detergent. This way you’ll ensure clothes clean better and stay fresh longer.


Create a list of staples and purchase them online

Until recently we were suspicious of doing our grocery shopping online. This is until we realised we purchase nearly identical things every week! Now, we simply order our groceries online and pick them up from the store every Friday evening.

This has not only helped us to save time, but it’s also helped us save money as we aren’t as tempted to buy things we don’t need. It hasn’t completely eliminated trips to the store (yet) but we’re getting there!


These are just some of the ways we have managed to save time doing our household chores. How have you managed to save time? Let us know in the comments below!


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How To Cut Time Spent Doing Household Chores In Half

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