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How to Live with a Partner Who Works Nights - Wicked Lil Pixie

How to Live with a Partner Who Works Nights

Living with a partner who works nights can put a lot of strains and pains into your relationship. If left unchecked, these easy to avoid and diffuse stressors can bring all sorts of stress into your life and relationship.

Learning HOW to live with your partner who works nights is a challenge but something you have to do, not only maintain your relationship but also to enjoy it.

Here are a few things you may not have even considered about your partner while they are working nights:


How to Live with a Partner Who Works Nights


How do you prepare food?

When your partner is waking up at 4:15 pm, what do you make? While you might be in the mood for a heavier meal, this is not always the most desired food choice first thing in the morning.

Sleeping during the day and working in the evening or through the night is already hard on the body. This makes consuming adequate and healthy foods a vital part to sustaining a balanced and healthy work-relationship lifestyle.

While you are cooking a meal for yourself, consider cooking a lighter, healthy meal for your partner to wake up and enjoy before they’re off to their shift. Or make something that they can pack up and eat during their meal break in the night.


How do you split up the house work?

One of the biggest stressors that arises in relationships is the conflict that comes from chores. Often, we never notice all the little things our partner is doing when we’re not at home. When your partner is working on an opposite time of day, you may not see any support around the house whatsoever.

To resolve any confusion over who does what, create a schedule and list of duties to eliminate any unnecessary fights that may arise over the cleaning and maintaining of your living space.

However, an additional thing to keep in mind is WHEN you can actually do the chores you need to do. Using a vacuum is noisy and you cannot do that while your partner is sleeping. Likewise, you don’t want your partner mowing the lawns or taking out garbage when they come home from work at 6am and you’re still in bed.

Timing which chores are feasible and practical at certain times of the day will help eliminate any unnecessary stress in your relationship.


How else can you support your partner emotionally?

When you’re partner is working nights, their entire mind and energy levels will be affected. Changing sleep patterns and adapting to the new experience of being away from you may be an additional emotional burden both you and your partner are carrying day to day.

Do things for each other that will both alleviate you and your partner’s physical and emotional stress while also showing you care.

For example, if they’re a nurse who is always on their feet having the wrong shoes can create a lot of aches and pains throughout the body affecting both attitude and energy. Making sure your partner with good pair of shoes really helps. You can find a great buying guide to the best nursing shoes here.


How do you schedule dates and romantic time?

Making time to be romantic, go on dates and spend quality time together can be a challenge when you have a partner on a shift work schedule if you’re on a 9-5 schedule.

Get creative with dates! They don’t have to be date nights. Do breakfast or brunch when your partner gets off work and before you head to the office. Early evening dates before they head to work can also work but pick activities that don’t involve alcohol. Here are some more ideas for non-traditional date nights.

Likewise with “romantic time” experiment with doing it different times of the day. Set your alarm and extra 15 minutes early in the morning or come home early for an afternoon delight. Where there’s a will, there is a way.


Making conflicting schedules work can add an extra aspect to making your relationship work but it is something that can be overcome. By putting in a little thought and effort you can keep your relationship alive while working on a different schedule to your partner. It’s all about flexibility and compromise in the end, like any relationship.


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How to Live with a Partner who Works Nights

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