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Top 5 Health Benefits of Activated Charcoal - Wicked Lil Pixie

Top 5 Health Benefits of Activated Charcoal

From face masks to health drinks, activated charcoal is now making rounds in many things that you use, and quite frankly, it is totally worth the hype. Curious to know how it can help you? Keep reading to discover the top five health benefits of activated charcoal. Trust us, it’s a good product to know about!

You can buy activated charcoal in lots of different forms from toothpaste to face masks to capsules. Click on the images in the post to check out the products!


Top 5 Health Benefits of Activated Charcoal


Natural Detoxification

Activated charcoal is now a part of many health supplements and drinks and has been found to be wonderfully effective in detoxifying the body naturally. Since its surface area is large, the pesticides, toxins and other harmful substances adhere to it and get expelled from the body with it, thereby naturally detoxifying your body.


Reducing Body Odor

Believe it or not, but the consumption of activated charcoal for just 10 days can reduce body odor considerably. It has powerful deodorizing properties which make it an excellent ingredient to neutralize the stinky smell from gym bags and shoes.


Improved Skin Health

Since activated charcoal has detoxifying properties, it can work wonders in external detoxification too. It can help clear out the toxins in the skin that give rise to acne and when applied topically, it can help remove the dirt, bacteria and grime from the surface of the skin.


Reduced Intestinal Discomfort

If you’re one of those who suffer from bloating and gas, activated charcoal can help with that too! Its consumption, particularly an hour before consumption of meal, has been found to reduce bloating and abdominal cramps and also effectively reduce intestinal pain and any other digestive discomfort.


Better Oral Health

Activated charcoal has the same powerful detoxification effect for your teeth as it does for the rest of your body. It creates an alkaline environment in the mouth, which helps preserve the enamel. With several uses, it can also help deep clean the teeth which can help whiten and brighten your teeth by absorbing the plaque, toxins and bacteria in your mouth.


Apart from these, activated charcoal has also been found to improve kidney function and lower blood cholesterol levels. It can also help absorb bad bacteria and toxins from the body before they even get the chance to make you sick and also prevent nausea and vomiting.


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Top 5 Benefits of Activated Charcoal

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